Mr. Robert Kubo

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We were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Mr. Robert Kubo. He founded both the Kailua Aikido Club and Aikido Hawaii International also a former Nuuanu Aikido Club, in 2015 Kubo Sensei was the third non-Japanese in Hawaii to be awarded his 8th dan from the Akikikai. The passing of Kubo Sensei is a great loss to not only aikido in Hawaii but all of Aikido. The members of the Nuuanu Aikido Club would like to express their deepest condolnces to his Family, Friends, and Students 

kokoro kara okuyami mōshi agemasu

The members of the Nuuanu Aikido Club

*Note Mr. Christopher Li has made this correction.

Mr. Robert Kubo and Mr Donald Moriyama where the first two 8th degree black belts in hawaii not born in Japan as Mr Takaji Ishida was born in Niigata Japan.


  1. Are you counting Takaji Ishida? He was actually born in Japan. I believe that Bob Kubo and Don Moriyama were the first two non - Japanese 8th dan, Christian Tissier was the third.

  2. Ah thank you for the clarification. I will write a correction. Thank you for always providing us with information. We appreciate your support