The 64th Cherry Blossom Festival Contestants at the Nuuanu YMCA Aikido Club

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     On December 11th 2015, the 64th Cherry Blossom Contestants attended class at the Nuuanu Aikido club as part of their Japanese cultural and heritage training. The Cherry Blossom Festival is organized by the Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce. Each contestant is given the opportunity to attend different Japanese cultural classes and experience the rich heritage of Hawaii. Scoville sensei, head instructor of the Nuuanu Aikido Club, has been sharing the art of Aikido with these young ladies for the last four years.

Before class commenced, contestants learned first about the meaning of 'Aikido'.

  Joining or Unifying
  The combining of the Spirit, Mind, and Body

  The spirit energy that flows through and extends out of our body

  The way or the path
  The course that we as martial artists travel

Scoville Sensei speaks on the meaning of Aikido
    The contestants then moved to the Dojo where the club members assisted them with donning the Dogi (traditional Japanese training uniform) and tying their obi (Belt). Scoville Sensei then led the group through some basic Aikido stretching exercises, designed to limber and strengthen the body for class.

     Following the warm ups, contestants were given instructions on rolling under the close supervision of the instructors to ensure their safety. Contestants are then allowed to try rolling on their own.
Rolling instructions under Scoville Sensei's watchful eye

Contestants rolling 

     The group then moved into Aikido techniques. Sensei would explain and demonstrate each technique before the contestants and club members practiced them. Contestants were exposed to a wide range of techniques- from the basics to the advanced Kotagishi.

Hallam Sensei giving instruction 
Black Belt Ross practicing with contestant 

Club member Yuki (left) practicing Kotigishi with contestant

Contestants practicing together

Scoville Sensei demonstrating with a contestant

HAF University of Hawaii, Assistant instructor Halliday giving tips 

     The class began and ended with courtesy as students paid their respects to O'sensei for his dedication pioneering Aikido and to thank Scoville sensei for his work instructing it.
Students sit seza as class ends

On behalf of Scoville sensei, the Nuuanu Aikido club, and the Hawaii Aikido Federation, we would like to wish all contestants the best of luck in the upcoming competition, gokoun o inorimasu.

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